dScribe Training Course

From June 9th – 11th, Pieter and I held the dScribe Summer Training Course for the eight Health Science dScribes we have working with us over the summer. The three-day course provided participants with the necessary knowledge to begin assessing and preparing course materials for OER publication. During the first day’s session, we introduced the motivations and goals of the Open Educational Resources movement and also discussed the unique approach of the University of Michigan’s Open.Michigan initiative. We also covered important policy issues within OER, including copyright, privacy, and endorsement. The second and third day’s sessions were spent working directly with course materials, importing content into the software tools we’ve developed to begin the process of identifying, classifying, and clearing materials for publication.

Over the next 9 weeks we hope to clear and publish a substantial portion of the Medical School’s first year pre-clinical curriculum. We’re also working with dScribes from the School of Public Health, School of Dentistry, and the School of Nursing to complete a few courses. Our summer intern, an undergraduate interested in pursuing premed, will also work closely with one of the medical student dScribes to clear and publish content.

To say the least, this is an amazing bunch of dScribes. We’re looking forward to working with each of them over the course of the pilot and learning from them how we might refine aspects of the publishing process, the workflow / decision tree and the software tools. We’ll introduce you to all of them soon.

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