Citizen Media Legal Guide Launched

The Berkman Center’s Citizen Media Law Project (CMLP) launched its Citizen Media Legal Guide:   Seth Young, the Berkman Center’s Communication Manager describes the guide as something that addresses “the range of legal issues encountered by citizen media creators as they collect information and publish online.”

The guide currently features six major sections addressing the practical issues that “citizen media creators” encounter while gathering information, creating new content, and publishing one’s own work online. In the next few days, the Open.Michigan OER team will be reviewing the guide, focusing specifically on the the final two sections: Intellectual Property and Risks Associated With Publication. We anticipate this guide being particualrly helpful as we work with the University of Michigan Copyright Office to create resource that will assist faculty, staff and students better understand the rights, responsibilities, and opportunities each has as a content creator.

ZaidLearn’s OER Resources


Zaid Ali Alsagoff, e-Learning Manager for INCEIF, is this week’s Open.Michigan OER Champion. He has been working for more than a year to assemble a collection of really helpful resources related to OER & OCW, including websites, repositories, search engines, and institutional initiatives. Check out some of what he has amassed on his blog,, and other pages. I know Zaid’s work has been a really big help for our initiative.  So, thanks Zaid! and happy exploring to the rest of you!




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