How to Attribute a CC Licensed Work


(Image by Stephen Baum available under a GNU FDL 1.2 license)

Molly Kleinman, Library Copyright Specialist here at the University of Michigan, has a timely post on her blog about effectively citing Creative Commons licensed work (see yesterday’s post on the Court of Appeals ruling). Anyone who uses CC licensed work downloaded from sites like Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, or HEAL knows how difficult it can be to ensure you gather and, subsequently, provide the proper attribution to the creator.  What format is appropriate? What information do I need to include?  Molly provides a few examples of how best to cite resources, also reminding us that:

“There is no standard way to format the attribution of a CC-licensed work, and you can adapt the style or phrasing to suit your needs or the standard citation style of your discipline.”

Good. I think we have a pretty good style here.  😉

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