Symposium Calls For End Of Binary Discussion Of Rightsholders Versus Pirates

Here’s a great article by Monika Ermert, for Intellectual Property Watch.

LINZ, AUSTRIA – Copyright discussion has become a simplistic binary debate of “pirates that steal everything” versus “rightsholders that want to protect everything,” warned Japanese entrepreneur, blogger and CEO of the Creative Commons Joichi Ito in his opening remarks for this year’s Ars Electronica Symposium in Linz, Austria.

Ito was curator of the symposium on the “New Cultural Economy” that sought to get beyond the simplistic dichotomy and explore ideas and status of alternative content production and social action using digital networks.

A lot of things the media artists and activists gathered at the Ars Electronica were doing, for example remixing existing content to create new works, were nearly impossible at the moment “without breaking the law,” Ito said. It is therefore essential to explore “how industry, society and government can be adapted” to the new modes of cultural production in the digital world.

One aspect of this new production was the participatory aspect, said Ito. “Karaoke is not as good as professional music. Yet people rather want to participate than sit through a concert,” he said. ”

Access the remainder of the article here:

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