DRM for the rest of us… again

Things are supposed to “just work” on the Mac. That may no longer be the case for people trying to display video downloaded from the iTunes store. Apple slipped HDCP under the radar on the newly released Macbook and Macbook Pro. Select video content downloaded from the iTunes store cannot be displayed on a connected device that isn’t HDCP compliant when played back from these shiny new machines.

It’s deeply unfortunate that a company that ships GNU and BSD licensed software with OS X doesn’t even want to let people exercise their Fair Use rights. Watching a movie on a projector doesn’t “just work” anymore, you have to have the right buzzwords on your display device. Apparently their “Think Different” mantra doesn’t extend to how they see people using purchased content. Perhaps they’re doing their bit to kick-start the economy by forcing people to buy new projectors, TVs and monitors.

All this after they made a big fuss around releasing DRM free songs http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2007/04/02itunes.htm. If you’re happy your trusty older Mac is free of this rubbish, try taking a screenshot from a movie using the Apple DVD Player software and enjoy the error message that comes up.

Slashdot story http://mobile.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/11/19/2218217

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