CloudSocial: Increasing Accessibility to Open Content


Image courtesy of Charles Severance.

University of Michigan School of Information Professor Charles Severance presented “CloudSocial: A New Approach to Enabling Open Content for Broad Reuse” at the Connexions Conference hosted by Rice University in Houston, TX. Severance’s talk described a socially enhanced learning system
that allows learners to move among any web-based resources and have their learning environment and co-learners move with them. CloudSocial enables web-accessible learning content to be used by a wide variety of formal and informal learning environments without requiring the information to be copied into each of the learning environments. Instead, the learning systems integrate themselves into the content. As Severance explained, “This will allow dramatic increases in the accessibility, flexibility and interactivity of most all web content, but especially of open content, no matter what its format.” Severance added, “CloudSocial can enable easier integration of open content into a wider variety of teaching and learning contexts, potentially increasing the use and value of open content.”

CloudSocial is currently under development by the University of Michigan and is supported by the University of Michigan Medical School, the School of Information, and the project. Key collaborators include Professor Joseph Hardin, School of Information; Dr. Joseph Fantone, Associate Dean at the Medical School; and Ted Hanss, Director for the Office of Enabling Technologies at the Medical School.

Click here for a PDF of the complete 6 February 2009 presentation.

3 thoughts on “CloudSocial: Increasing Accessibility to Open Content

  1. Hello Ali , Emily , Garin , Susan & Tim, we have been working on an open source forex social network designed to harness the intellection collaboration of online traders in a social forum that is non-moderated to see what
    Type of user generated content would be developed. And so far some very intriguing surprises have developed on the trading social network forum, which have a semantic data over tone. What makes this type of social network interesting is that it has no moderators and the users can leave reviews and ratings for other members and gather points a new form of currency that can be sold or traded based on participation and perceived user value. This is starting to form a hierarchy of Alpha users a new micro economy. We would love to have some feedback on the project which can be found at


  2. CloudSocial seem like a cool idea, let me know when it’s operational. I would be interested in how it will be useful on the web.


  3. CloudSocial seems like a really good way of learning. I do think that most pepole would learn a lot more with video based or internaction based teaching that could be done thru web accessed learning.


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