We created over 200 images, let’s make them available

This past summer we had 12 dScribes participate in clearing Educational Resources from the first and second year medical school program at the University of Michigan Medical School.

While clearing this content there were many times when they came across an image restricted by copyright and were unable to find a suitable Openly licensed replacement. For images that are important to the lecture our dScribes sometimes spent the time to create a replacement image. These images were then included in the published version of the OER. This means that those images are included in all of those lecture slides.

The Problem
While having those images included in the lecture slides available online is immensely useful for others, it is not useful for other instructors looking for Openly licensed images to include in their lectures. And if we hope to have instructors use Openly licensed images from the start then we need to make high quality Openly licensed images as discoverable as possible.

The Solution
Let’s put these images up in a place where it is proven that others find high quality Openly licensed images: Wikimedia Commons. Wikimedia Commons is a highly trafficked site that routinely comes up in Google searches for images.

Help Us
To do this correctly, though, we need your help! These 200+ images do not have the required metadata associated with them to upload to Wikimedia Commons at this time. We just need very basic information: a title for the image, some categories that it belongs to, and a short description.

If you have some knowledge about medicine it would be very beneficial for the wider Open Educational Resource community if you could help us. The instructions I have laid out are available here and the images can be found here.