Next Meeting of the Open.Michigan Reading Group: 16 December 2009

The next meeting of the Open.Michigan Reading Group takes place on Wednesday, December 16 from 1:00-2:30 pm in the Ehrlicher Room (room 411) in West Hall.

This reading and discussion group, convened by members of the Open.Michigan Initiative, is for anyone with an interest in open educational resources (OER), open access and open content initiatives, open source software, open archives and publishing, open data efforts, and open standards.

As the university builds its global partnerships, can we enable collaborations through the co-creation and sharing of knowledge as open access publications and open educational resources? What are the challenges in working in such collaborations? Using case studies from health education, we will explore the broader issues surrounding the globalization of science.  See below for our selected readings, along with some questions to help get our discussion going.

Shrum, W. (2005). “Reagency of the Internet, or how I became a guest for science,” Social Studies of Science. 35 (5). 723-54.

  • What is the problem with traditional “development” framework?
  • What is the strength of “reagency” framework when studying the Internet and development?
  • When we use “reagency” framework to examine collaboration in OER, what do we see as opportunities and challenges for developing countries?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities that cannot be explained by “reagency” framework?

Butrous, G. (2008). “International cooperation to promote advances in medicine,” Annals of Thoracic Medicine. 3(3). 79-81

  • Butrous (2008) lists patterns of international collaboration. How do we characterize the pattern of collaboration for OER?
  • How is collaboration for OER different from scientific collaboration described by Butrous (2008)?
  • What are the challenges in collaboration between developed and developing countries mentioned in Butrous? What are additional challenges in collaboration for OER?

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Please share this invitation with others who might be interested.  We look forward to seeing you!