Debrief on the Connexions and FreeCulture Conferences + Discussion of Open Textbooks

Please join us for the February meeting of the Open.Michigan Reading
Group.  Greg Grossmeier, Copyright Specialist at University of
Michigan Library, will provide a debrief on the Connexions and
FreeCulture Conferences.  In addition, Greg will also lead a
discussion of “Open Textbook Proof-of-Concept via Connexions”
(available at: This paper
describes Rice University’s participation in the Community College
Open Textbook Project (CCOTP), a collaboration to develop a
proof-of-concept free and open textbook.  Open textbooks provide
faculty and students with a low cost alternative to traditional
publishers’ textbooks and can help to make higher education more
affordable. In this paper, Connexions identifies lessons learned
about open textbook production.

This session takes place:

4:00-5:00pm Tuesday, February 16
Turkish-American Friendship room, 4004 Shapiro Library
University of Michigan

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