African Health OER Network Design Jam

The Open.Michigan Initiative is sponsoring a design jam to discuss the following idea: How can we build a shared social network platform that addresses global health education needs and increases the sharing of health education resources across the African continent? The School of Information, the Medical School, School of Dentistry, and other schools and colleges have been involved in a collaborative health OER effort. The Hewlett Foundation has helped us bring this opportunity to the continent of Africa by supporting the effort to promote access to high quality, openly licensed learning materials and to build meaningful partnerships among health care professionals and students. The challenges in this space are huge; and our group alone can’t do it. As such, we want to bring together people who can help us think about infrastructures that we can use to inspire real change and foster the exchange of valuable ideas and resources.

This design jam will bring together students from the School of Information, School of Public Policy, and the Medical School – but everyone is welcome to participate. Topics to be discussed include:

Organizational design and knowledge management
e.g. How do we incentivize people to contribute OER?

Content development
e.g. How can U-M health science students traveling abroad capture and share their experiences as OER?

Technical platform
e.g. How can we provide resources that are easily discoverable? How can use technology to facilitate communication among members of the network?

e.g. How do we convince them open content is important and provide them with tools to advocate for open content at institutions?

Copyright and Institutional Policy
e.g. How can members determine who owns copyright at their institutions – e.g. the faculty or the institutions? Do people understand Creative Commons, public domain, and localized copyright law?

Please refer to our wiki for event details:

This event takes place on Thursday, March 25 from 6 – 8 pm in the Ehrlicher Room of West Hall. Food and soft drinks will be served.

Please RSVP at If you are interested in the project, but unable to attend this event, please respond to the survey.

We hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “African Health OER Network Design Jam

  1. @LR – all of the Flickr pictures from Open.Michigan and Greg G. are CC licensed, so you can link, download, distribute, adapt – do whatever, just provide attribution.


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