Does OER Have an Impact on Paid Enrollment? Join Us for a Discussion

Please join us for the April meeting of the Open.Michigan Reading Group. Bobby Glushko, JD, MSI Candidate 2010 will lead a discussion on “The Impact of OpenCourseWare On Paid Enrollment In Distance Learning Courses,” a doctoral dissertation by Justin K. Johansen, Brigham Young University.

Some institutions have been reluctant to follow MIT’s OpenCourseWare (OCW) model of open publishing because of concerns about long-term funding and possible adverse effects on paid enrollment. Some organizations that initially created OCW programs found themselves forced to furlough them due to funding challenges. In this dissertation, Johansen examines the cost of converting courses to OCW, the impact of opening these courses on paid enrollments, and the long-term sustainability of OCW through the generation of new paid enrollments. As part of this study, Brigham Young University’s Independent Study Program (BYU IS) converted three university and three high school courses to OCW.

Glushko, who is also a Legal and Policy Consultant for the Open.Michigan Initiative, will open the session with a brief presentation based on Johansen’s dissertation and then will facilitate the discussion.

This session of the Open.Michigan Reading Group takes place:

1:00-2:00pm, Tuesday, April 13
Turkish-American Friendship room, 4004 Shapiro

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