Hey there, Emily, welcome to the Open.Michigan team!

We put out the call and Emily Petty Puckett Rodgers gave us an emphatic “Yes!” Please welcome our new Open Education Coordinator: Emily!

We’re incredibly excited about what Emily has to offer Open.Michigan and U-M, including massive persuasion skills, assessment skills, organizational and teamwork skills, and even cool-Etsy-bike-accessory-finding skills. Emily comes to us via Fayetteville, Arkansas and the School of Information at the University of Michigan. She’s been studying community informatics and library information services for the last two years, while polishing her research credentials in performance outcomes metrics and information use in communities.

Emily starts working with Open.Michigan this week, so expect to see her person, name, and ideas all around the Open.Michigan sphere!

For a look at how Emily and Open.Michigan can help you, check out our team.

2 thoughts on “Hey there, Emily, welcome to the Open.Michigan team!

    • Thanks Garin! I’m very excited to be here! It’s an honor to work with such a great team and build on the foundations you established.


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