In Memory of Bob Frost

One of the most rewarding aspects of creating Open Educational Resources is the opportunity our team gets to collaborate with faculty, staff and students across the university. We get to know experts in a diversity of fields and we have worked with folks from the School of Education to the College of Engineering.

We have a soft spot in our hearts, however, for the School of Information (SI). Many members of the Open.Michigan team graduated from SI and some of our strongest support and collaborations have come from the SI community. One such supporter was Robert Frost, who recently passed away. Bob was an advocate for open access in his own right, creating the Frost Open Access Fund to support student and faculty projects related to open access to information at the School of Information. Bob and his wife, Margaret Hedstrom, started this fund by using royalties earned as heirs to Bob’s great-grandfather’s works (who was Robert Frost, the poet).

Bob and Margaret’s argument for creating this fund resides in the belief that the public should benefit from these royalties since it is the public that continues to express interest in the writer Frost’s work. Bob was also an active member of the University community, serving on the Central Faculty Governance Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs and regularly attending CopyNight, hosted by the Copyright Office. Greg Grossmeier, MLibrary Copyright Specialist, remembers Dr. Frost:

“Bob’s commitment to education without barriers really made working with him a pleasure from the Open.Michigan perspective. But from a personal perspective, his commitment to education without barriers was inspiring.”

At Open.Michigan, we hope that the public will continue to express interest in Robert L. Frost, the professor and contributor to information and knowledge that is open, accessible and adaptable.

A memorial service for Bob Frost will be held on April 15, 2011 at 3 p.m. in the Michigan Union Rogel Ballroom.

You can contribute to his memory and his dedication to open access by making a donation to the Frost Open Access Fund:

Learn more about Bob Frost and his work:

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