New Website is Front Door to Science, Health, and Medicine Publishing Services

Scientific and medical publishing is in a very dynamic state — things are changing rapidly — and that provides for new and exciting opportunities to maximize the visibility and distribution of scientific and medical information. As publishing moves away from the traditional book and journal formats, the content itself becomes much more important than the vehicle by which it is published. This provides authors with more opportunities to disseminate content and data in novel ways. To help faculty, researchers, and students in the U-M Health System achieve their publishing goals, the Medical School provides Health Sciences Publishing Services to assist in navigating the wide array of opportunities, resources, and services that are available to them.

Health Sciences Publishing Services provide two forms of support for those looking to publish their research results or an article: an informational website and individual consultation services. The website provides a wealth of information about publishing options, opportunities, and resources, both within U-M and externally. The one-on-one consultation services are provided by Jasna Markovac, Senior Advisor for Publishing and Related Business Development at the Medical School. Jasna is trained in life science (Ph.D. Human Genetics, U-M) and, after several years in academics, changed careers to join the Science Technical Medical publishing industry. For the past three years, she has worked for the University of Michigan, first at MLibrary, and more recently at the Medical School, focusing on academic publishing initiatives, exploring new publication opportunities, and providing consultation services to the faculty, staff, and students for all aspects of the publishing process.

If you need help deciding how to publish, where to publish, or even whether to publish — Health Sciences Publishing Services can help you choose the best vehicle for maximum visibility and distribution of your content. Please start by visiting the website. If you have publishing questions and/or just to talk about new publishing opportunities, please contact Jasna Markovac (at Health Sciences Publishing Services works in close collaboration with other units on campus including, Open.Michigan and the Taubman Health Sciences Library.


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