Join the dScribe discussion list and teleconferences

In 2007, University of Michigan developed the dScribe process, a distributed, student-based OER production model. dScribe, which stands for “digital and distributed scribes” builds on the idea that by distributing tasks across a variety of interested people and using digital tools and resources we can potentially lower the cost, time, and overall effort required to create OER.

Since then, several other institutions have adapted elements of the dScribe process to fit their local copy clearance and student engagement in OER activities. Representatives from these institutions have come together to exchange ideas through a mailing list and periodic teleconferences (usually every 2 – 3 months). At present five organizations participate in the monthly dScribe calls: University of Michigan, OER Africa, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, University of Cape Town, and Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

We aim to make this a truly global, participatory group and are seeking additional participants. Interested? Join the dScribe Google Group. The next community conference call will be in August or September.

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