Fun and Games at Copyright Camp

The Open.Michigan team is getting pumped about Copyright Camp later this month. We’re copyright and open learning geeks who like to share our knowledge and have a little fun with it. That’s why we’re offering two opportunities for participants at Copyright Camp  to learn while doing and connect with others. We’ll offer you a chance to get an “appraisal” of work you’ve created with our Antiques Roadshow-style activity and you can get to know Open.Michigan a little bit better by playing our own version of OERopoly (where knowledge is the currency)!

How will this work? Read on to find out what you can expect from these two opportunities.

Open Content Roadshow

Ever heard of that PBS show Antiques Roadshow? We’re taking this idea and transferring it to the world of open sharing. Do you have something you created and you’re thinking “Yeah, maybe I DO want to let other people use this. But how do I do that”? Come to the experts at the Open Content Roadshow area during Copyright Camp and bring your item for review. We’ll have computers set up so you can bring your example on a jump drive, bring a print copy or you can navigate to it on the web.

Our friendly experts will talk to you about the type of open license you might want to apply to it, what content you might need to replace in your material to make it even more sharable, and how you can publish it on the web so that other people can access it and share it.

Look for the “Open Content Roadshow” sign and line up!


Based on the popular game Monopoly our game features tidbits, facts and trivia about the Open.Michigan initiative. Instead of playing for money and property, you’ll be playing for knowledge! The goal is to gather cards from Technology and Community and to share your knowledge about OER and Open.Michigan with those around you. We hope you’ll learn more about what we do as you learn more about the community of copyright nerds and other open advocates participating in Copyright Camp. We’ll have an old hand on board to help facilitate the game who can provide players with even more insight into what it’s like to be part of the Open.Michigan initiative. This game is purely on paper, you won’t find it anywhere online. And in case you thought we just made up OERopoly, it’s actually an educational game to develop collective intelligence about OER. The game was initially developed and researched by the Open University.

There’s Still time to Register for Copyright Camp!

Date: July 29th, 2011
Time: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Location: Hatcher Graduate Library, Library Gallery (Room 100)
Please Register (no charge): Copyright Camp 2011

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