Get Involved with Open.Michigan this Fall (We’re Expecting You!)

The Open.Michigan team has been busy this summer, conducting research on badging, setting up our very own instance of civiCRM (score one for databases!) and continuing to promote OER in new ways. We’ve also been getting ready to support the U-M community as a new cycle of teaching and learning begins on campus. As you make your fall plans, why not schedule some time to get involved with the Open.Michigan community? We have a new events calendar where you can see upcoming Open.Michigan activities and other activities that foster openness in our community. We’ll be announcing our fall Catalyst series soon and we have a few special events planned this semester that we will be adding to our calendar so check our blog, calendar or email list for upcoming events.

Open House

Our first event of the term will be an Open House, providing an opportunity for people to be introduced to what we do and how we do it. We’ll discuss what open educational resources are, how they are created, why copyright matters and how to apply open licenses to your work. You’ll get some hands on experience analyzing content to understand how copyright works and applying licenses to your own material. You’ll also get a chance to meet like-minded people and get involved with some of the fun things we have planned for the term. Everyone’s invited, whether you’ve worked with us before or you’re just now hearing about us.

Open.Michigan Open House

September 9, 2011

11:30 am-1:00 pm

Creative Commons Atelier (2435) North Quad

Refreshments provided.


Open Office Hours

This semester we are also offering Open Office Hours. Our Open Education Coordinator (that’s me!) will be hanging out and available to answer questions, give you training, or help you make your projects open. Office hours will be held every other week (alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays) starting on Tuesday, September 13. On Tuesdays from noon-1:30pm I’ll be in the lobby of the Learning Resource Center in the Taubman Health Sciences Library. On Thursdays from 11:30am-1:00pm I’ll be at the Media Gateway in North Quad. Feel free to set up an appointment in advance or stop by these locations. All the Open Office Hours are in our new events calendar so you can double check the dates and times. As always, you can still set up a meeting with me at another time.


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