Relevant Open Educational Resources for the Medical School's Pre-clinical Curriculum

Greetings first-year students! Congratulations on the beginning of medical school and now having a couple of months under your belt! As a fourth year medical student, I remember our class sharing various learning resources with each other to supplement the material presented within the medical school. Open educational resources, by definition, are learning materials that are licensed in such a way that allows them to be freely accessed, shared, and, in some cases, adapted. Thus, these resources are going to be available as you go through your sequences in the pre-clinical years, and will still be available when it comes time to prepare for USMLE Step 1 or to brush up for clinical rotations.

Below is a brief list highlighting some resources available through Open.Michigan that will be relevant to your pre-clinical curriculum. While we have a significant amount of lecture materials published from M1/M2 sequences, I tried to highlight extra materials that go beyond the lectures. The majority of these resources have been created either by UMMS faculty or at partner institutions in Africa as part of the African Health OER Network. I hope you find this information helpful!


Patients and Populations

While this sequence has already passed, the following document is an excellent reference for basic epidemiology.

Introduction to epidemiology –



These videos are full screen slides synced with Dr. Abrams lectures to provide a better resolution on some of the pathology slides. Includes lectures delivered during Patients and  Populations as well as ones during sequences later in the year.

Dr. Abrams lectures –


Clinical Foundations of Medicine

Components of the social history –



Laboratory methods, incluing ELISA, PCR, and measurement of serum antibodies –


Infectious Diseases

Vaccines –

Buruli ulcer –

Clinical microbiology cases –



Mental status exam –



Automated blood count –



OB/GYN resources –