Highlighting Students' Work on Open.Michigan

Open.Michigan loves working with students. After all, Open.Michigan was born out of a collaboration between students, faculty, and administrators. And, to this day, relies heavily on student volunteers (dScribes) and faculty members working together to open up course content.

However, student volunteers and dScribes are only a part of the story. There are also students who choose to openly license and share their own work, such as their presentations, papers, notes and research. We are all too happy to include this work within the collection, and truly appreciate those who wish to contribute it. With this in mind, I thought it would be interesting to highlight some of the U-M student produced work on Open.Michigan.

University of Michigan Medical School (UMMS) students have been sharing class notes with one another for years. So we were thrilled when some of the student authors decided to openly license and share their UMMS notes on our site. Currently, we have just over 180 resources from these authors published within the UMMS OER collection. There is much more left to publish, but in the mean time, here are several examples of how the notes fit into the Open.Michigan collection:

M1 Gastrointestinal / Liver Student Notes

M2 Endocrine Student Notes

School of Information (SI) students are known to embrace sharing information openly and freely. In fact, many current and former dScribes are from SI. So it should come as no surprise that many great examples of student contributed presentations and papers can be found within the SI OER collection. Here are a few of my favorites, but if you look around, you will find many more:

SI 550 Student Papers & Presentations

SI 507 Student Papers

Several students from the School of Public Health created and shared a Student Handbook for Global Engagement. This handbook is designed to “offer a roadmap for planning projects abroad” by giving advice on logistics, financing, safety, ethics, and sustainability. What an excellent resource for other global go-getters!

We also have Open.Michigan, OER, and open education inspired student and course-sponsored projects from the Business School, Law School, and again from the School of Information available on our projects page.

And we can’t forget about our undergrads. Chemical Engineering students from CHE 466 both created and used an open textbook for the course. Working on the Michigan Chemical Engineering Process Dynamics and Controls Open Textbook is a class requirement, and the result is a very comprehensive and ever evolving openly licensed work.

Publishing the student works alongside faculty members’ content provides a more complete picture of the teaching and learning that takes place at the University of Michigan. If we only publish faculty materials, then we’re only showcasing one side of the story.  As one might expect, students also participate in the teaching and learning process, and they produce all kinds of materials in their attempt to understand what is being taught in the classroom. These materials show us a glimpse of how students capture, internalize, expand, and build upon the ideas and material that is presented to them in the classroom. Students who share their work give everyone an excellent opportunity to learn more about learning.

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