2011 in Review

Did you get our 2011 in Review newsletter? If you didn’t, here’s a brief recap of the stats. We’ve also got some great things lined up for 2012! Check out our new events page (with two upcoming events!) or our calendar to stay up to date. We also have a mailing list so get in touch if you want to subscribe.

2011 in Review

Happy New Year from the Open.Michigan team! As we begin the winter 2012 term, the Open.Michigan team would like to share some of our highlights from 2011 and let you know what we’ve got planned for the coming months. As always, we grow with your support. Thank you all for your contributions and commitment to fostering a culture of sharing at the University of Michigan!

 Some Highlights

  • Open.Michigan received the ACE award for Technical Innovation from the OpenCourseWare Consortium for the launch of OERbit, our Drupal-based open courseware platform.
  • Dr. Paul Conway (School of Information) became the first faculty member to publish all his courses as OER on Open.Michigan.
  • Pieter Kleymeer and Emily Puckett Rodgers presented our badging project at OpenEd 2011 in October.
  • David Malicke was hired full time to be Open.Michigan’s operations and publications specialist. Dave joined the Open.Michigan team first as a dScribe, then as an intern, working his way into our hearts and becoming indispensable.
  • We hosted several successful events in 2011, one of which was a “Learn Arduino!” workshop, facilitated by Nathan Oostendorp of Ingenuitas and Alexander Honkala of All Hands Active.

Some Projects

  • Open.Michigan is beginning to pilot a badging system, focusing on acknowledging the growing community of sharing at the University of Michigan. Students, faculty and staff can earn badges for coming to Open.Michigan hosted events, publishing content on Open.Michigan, or advocating for the use of open licenses or sharing.
  • Open.Michigan is involved in the MELO 3D project, an LSA ITC grant funded project, in partnership with the U-M chapter of MERLOT. MELO 3D will help faculty create openly licensed, interactive learning modules to support student success in U-M gateway courses.
  • Open.Michigan and the African Health OER Network have added several resources to the Espresso Book Machine local catalog and these items will soon be available in a print-friendly format for local on-demand printing.

Stats on Our Collection

This summer we started using an analytics dashboard to measure content use and activities across our many platforms, including Google, YouTube, Facebook, and SlideShare. With this status board, we’re able to track and measure our impact in the community across time, giving us a better sense of when to publish, what is popular, and our overall trends.


  • 185 courses and resources published
  • 1,650 individual materials
  • 13 participating U-M schools and colleges
  • 360 contributors

Open.Michigan collection 

  • 62,521 unique visits
  • 293,537 page views
  • 9,978 page views of Medical OER
  • 24 published U-M resources
  • 1,650 materials published

YouTube Collection

Our YouTube video collection contains short animations, tutorials, medical procedures, guest lectures and interviews from across U-M.


  • 393,895 unique views
  • (492,072 views since 2009)
  • 188 videos uploaded

Most popular videos

Real-TimePolymeraseChainReaction (PCR):

  • Drs. Adu-Sarkodie (KNUST) and Engleberg (U-M), 2010, 55,232 views, 45 comments, 21 shares, 105 favorites and 131 likes

Enzyme-LinkedImmunosorbentAssay (ELISA):

  • Dr. Engleberg, 2010, 47,833 views, 27 comments, 20 shares, 113 favorites and 120 likes

SlideShare Collection

We started using SlideShare for our Open.Michigan training materials and medical content in late May 2011 and have seen tons of use since.


  • 20,042 total views
  • 136 Facebook likes

Most popular presentations

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