Enriching Scholarship: A Weeklong Event Celebrating Teaching and Learning

Enriching Scholarship returns to the University of Michigan on May 7-11. This annual event is a weeklong conference featuring over 100 workshops and sessions that address the use of technology in teaching and research on our campus. Open.Michigan, along with many of our campus collaborators, look forward to participating in Enriching Scholarship each year and showing how open sharing can foster engaging and effective teaching and learning.

This year, Open.Michigan is presenting “How to Publish Online and Keep Your Copyright With Open.Michigan.” Our workshop will provide a hands-on overview of how to share your work on the web and how you can increase the reach and impact of your educational resources, including syllabi, lecture notes, presentations, videos, podcasts, student papers, student projects, and more. During our session, you’ll learn how to find and use openly licensed content, how to submit your content for review and publication on our collection, how to build visibility for your efforts, and get exposure to a wealth of tools and resources that make it easy to share. We’ll also tell you more about how Open.Michigan supports our scholarly community in innovative ways. The workshop is free and takes place Monday, May 7 at 3:00-4:30pm (but registration is required).

As education is affected by changes in technology and content development, we have new opportunities to contribute to the growing wealth of knowledge available to the global learning community and to engage our students more effectively in the classroom. By sharing your work on the web, with Open.Michigan, MPublishing, and others, learners get persistent access to your work, you can encourage collaboration with your peers, and establish yourself as a leader in your field. Others also gain a better understanding about the academic environment at the University of Michigan.

In addition to our workshop, here are some other Enriching Scholarship sessions that can give you more insight into the changing education landscape and how you can share your work more effectively. (Tip: all sessions are free, but registration is required for each session you plan to attend.)

Books Born as Blogs and Kindred Beasts: Some Alternatives to Traditional Scholarly Publishing

Open Access Publishing

Copyright Essentials

Image Resources for the Sciences

Image Resources for the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Working with Publishers: From Manuscript to Contract and Beyond

Creating Online and Collaborative Learning the Easy Way

Oh, and did we mention, the keynote speaker for Enriching Scholarship will be Elliot Soloway? Soloway is a University of Michigan Arthur F. Thurnau Professor at the College of Engineering, with appointments in the School of Education and School of Information. Soloway’s talk is entitled, “Education in the Age of Mobilism: The Inevitable Transformation of the K-12 Classroom.” A leader in the field of education research, Soloway’s research underscores the need for teachers and learners alike to develop responsible strategies for sharing educational content in more effective ways.

Many thanks to the University of Michigan Teaching and Technology Collaborative for hosting Enriching Scholarship and for connecting the U-M community with services and resources that support teaching, learning and research.

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