Michigan Student Leads School of Open Challenge

On a cold and dreary Friday afternoon in Ann Arbor Michigan, University of Michigan School of Information student Victoria Lungu led an engaged group of U-M students and staff through a School of Open challenge. The School of Open is a Peer 2 Peer University school focused on teaching the world about open licenses, open culture, and open teaching and learning practices, through the use of challenges.

The challenge that the group focused on, Get CC Savvy, walks participants through the ins and outs of Creative Commons licenses. The challenge inspired conversations about copyright, philosophies of sharing, and evolution. Together, the participants watched Creative Commons related videos and answered questions included within the challenge. It was obvious that the participants enjoyed the event and that they gained a better understanding of copyright and the use of Creative Commons licenses. Read more about the event on Victoria’s blog.

Victoria Lungu Leading a School of Open Challenge. CC BY Open.Michigan

The School of Open is being developed at a time when Universities are starting to think more about how they can leverage online platforms (Coursera, Udacity, edX, etc) to share teaching and learning experiences openly, with people from all over the world. For better or worse, copyright is a major component of sharing educational resources and experiences online. The School of Open may be just what the sharers at these Universities need to gain a better understanding of the open teaching and learning ecosystem. It’s still very new, but the more people that participate, the better — we encourage you to join and become a part of an engaged community of peers that can help with your copyright and sharing questions!

Also check out this School of Open challenge, still under development, that walks participants through peer-production of open educational resources.

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