Enjoy Five U-M Courses on the Go with iTunes U app

Open.Michigan and Michigan Creative worked together to publish five openly licensed University of Michigan courses on iTunes U. The courses, which are also freely available on open.umich.edu, can now be viewed on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch mobile devices using the iTunes U app. The iTunes U app allows learners to add notes to lecture materials and to download content to their mobile devices on demand. Here are descriptions and links to the courses on iTunes U and on Open.Michigan:

Corporate Finance for Health Care Administrators

a logo for the corporate finance for health care administrators itunes u course

This course concentrates on corporate finance topics. It aims to impart an understanding of how finance theory and practice can inform the decision-making of the health care firm. (CC BY-NC-SA Jack Wheeler)
iTunes U | Open.Michigan

Introduction to Information Studies

logo for intro to information studies iTunes U course

The vaunted Information Revolution is more than Web surfing, Net games, and dotcoms. Indeed, it is the foundation for an economic and social transformation on a scale comparable to the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century. This course provides the foundational knowledge necessary to begin to address the key issues associated with the Information Revolution. (CC BY-SA Robert Frost)
iTunes U | Open.Michigan

Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis

logo for intro to statistics iTunes U course

This course covers applied statistical methodology from an analysis-of-data viewpoint. Topics covered include frequency distributions; measures of location; mean, median, mode; measures of dispersion; variance; graphic presentation; elementary probability; populations and samples; sampling distributions; one sample univariate inference problems, and two sample problems; categorical data; regression and correlation; and analysis of variance. (CC BY-NC-SA Brenda Gunderson)
iTunes U | Open.Michigan

Laboratory Methods for Clinical Microbiology

Logo for Lab Methods for Clinical Microbiology iTunes U course

This comprehensive module explores common laboratory experiments for microbiology, including microbiological stains (e.g. Gram stains), assessing the accuracy of diagnostic tests, measuring antibody response to infection, and detection of microbial antigens, and nucleic acid amplification (e.g. Polymerase Chain Reaction). (CC BY-NC Yaw Adu-Sarkodie, Cary Engleberg, Charles Agyei Osei)
iTunes U | Open.Michigan

Structures 2

Logo image for structures 2 iTunes U course

This course explores the basic principles of elastic behavior for different materials such as wood, steel, concrete, and composite materials and compares the properties and applications of materials generally. Additionally, it investigates cross sectional stress and strain behavior in flexure and in shear, and torsion as well as the stability of beams and columns. The qualitative behavior of combined stresses and fracture in materials is also covered. (CC BY Peter von Buelow)
iTunes U | Open.Michigan


image showing all U-M courses in iTunes U app library
U-M courses in iTunes U app library.
image showing the info page for Laboratory Methods for Clinical Microbiology
Info tab for Laboratory Methods for Clinical Microbiology.
image showing selection of a lecture video within the Posts tab.
Selecting a lecture video within the Posts tab.
image showing how videos are displayed in iTunes U app
Watching a lecture video.

The flexibility of Creative Commons licenses allows us to take advantage of opportunities to increase the visibility, audience, and features of the openly licensed content within our collection. Redistributing these courses on iTunes U is a perfect example of this, and we are delighted to bring some of the Open.Michigan collection into this space.  Please download, use, share, and comment on these courses!

2 thoughts on “Enjoy Five U-M Courses on the Go with iTunes U app

  1. How about some general interest online courses such as history. Think some other prestigious schools are offering great courses. Maybe I’m not familiar with the ones U of M offer. Please advise.


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