dScribe, now at Peer-2-Peer University!

We did it. From our wiki to the world, we’re opening up dScribe: our original, student-centered OER creation process and training. Check out our new P2PU course – dScribe: Peer-produced Open Educational Resources. This course is designed for anyone interested in a peer-based approach to sharing (or training others to share) their teaching and learning resources with the world. Topics covered in the course include the basics of OER, useful tools and processes for creating and publishing OER, sharing philosophies, and Creative Commons licensing. This course will lead you through creating an OER and get you ready to share it on popular platforms (such as open.umich.edu and iTunes U).

Learning by teaching

While Open.Michigan has been using the dScribe process for five years, we’ve converted it to a P2PU course as a simple framework for the School of Open community to build from. In other words, we want your help. There’s space for interested folks to create and then add new challenges that dive deeper into the course’s topics. So don’t hold back – contribute by editing the course itself, by adding relevant resources, by creating new challenges at P2PU, or by posting challenge ideas and outlines in the discussion sections.

Look for the red “Create Challenge” buttons. Contribute your knowledge and expertise by adding your challenge(s) in these locations.

A bit of history

As some of you may already know, Open.Michigan has been working with Creative Commons and P2PU to launch the School of Open. For those of you not familiar with P2PU; P2PU is a place for people to work together to learn a particular topic by completing tasks, assessing individual and group work, and providing constructive feedback. (CC BY-SA: https://p2pu.org) P2PU has all kinds of courses and challenges, some are out there on their own, others are related to specific P2PU schools, such as the School of Webcraft, the School of Social Innovation, and the School of Open.

Next up

The School of Open will officially launch in March of 2013, so look for more updates at Creative Commons and P2PU. The dScribe course will be just one of many new ways to engage in the School of Open and we intend to continue working with P2PU and Creative Commons to build a larger community of open experts through peer learning.

2 thoughts on “dScribe, now at Peer-2-Peer University!

  1. Woo hoo! This a huge milestone for dScribe training. Excellent work, Dave and Piet! The new layout and structure in P2PU has already proven a useful training resource for new students supporting OER production.


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