Guest Blog: The Flipped Classroom Experience

Irene Knokh, MA, M.Ed., is an instructional designer in the Department of Professional Development and Education for Nursing at the University of Michigan Health System. She will be sharing her thoughts on flipped classrooms and the conference “Making It Happen,” that is focusing on design, analysis, and assessment of a flipped classroom. She often uses open educational resources (OER) in her work, including content from the Open.Michigan collection.

What is a Flipped Classroom?

This approach is centered on the learner by blending flexibility and peer work in any setting, whether corporate, K-12, health, or college/university. The goal is to support reflective learning by the instructor and class participants. All the pre-work materials are provided before class and may include anything from lecture-captured videos to case studies. Class time is spent on discussion and development of critical thinking skills. There is a minimum of lecture and the emphasis is on engaging all participants.

Learn from others on flipped or partially flipped classrooms with these videos:

Flipped classroom doesn’t necessarily mean that the students (or employees) skip class—far from it! Participants are actually more responsible for their work because if they don’t review the assignment, there is no true class participation or learning. Learn more about what a flipped classroom can be and other scholarly articles.

You might like this Open.Michigan interview with Professor Garikipati about his success with flipped classroom, “An Interview with Prof. Garikipati: How a Flipped Classroom in Ann Arbor Can Reach a Global Audience.” It includes why he chose to flip his classroom, how has the flipped learning approach changed his time with students in the classroom, how his students have responded, and advice for faculty getting started.

A conference about flipped classrooms? What’s it all about?

making-it-happen-2015The Making It Happen Conference on October 8, 2015, focuses on using a flipped classroom approach with your learners. We can help you get started, or, if you’ve already flipped your classroom, share your success story! Our ultimate goal is to help learners at any level to master the material and apply it outside of class.

Learn from selected projects in progress that are using flipped classroom techniques at college, professional school, K-12 levels, including:

  • Using flipped classroom in grant development activities
  • Flipped classroom use in developing injury prevention curriculum 
  • Leave no student behind: What we did when our flipped classroom went awry

We’re excited that our conference speaker is Michelle Deck, a well known educator and presenter. I heard her a couple of years ago and really enjoyed her skillful facilitation—she engaged all of us and we walked out “ready to roll” on our next project. Plus, she has a wonderful sense of humor—a great ingredient for an intense conference day!

Conference participants will receive a flash drive with our toolkit that contains materials to get your started on designing your flipped (or partially flipped) classroom. I will soon post the collection to

Let me end with a quote from my mom (she was a teacher in Russia):

“It’s not WHAT you teach. It’s HOW you teach it.”

See you in Ann Arbor October 8th!
– Irene

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  1. arn from selected projects in progress that are using flipped classroom techniques at college, professional school, K-12 levels, including:


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